Friday, August 24, 2007

Out of Office Reply

As the the summer school session came to its end I became increasingly busy and unable to post as often as usual. Now I am on vacation for 2 weeks which again leaves me unable to post. I just got back from NYC the other day and I am heading down to Florida today! I will be there for a little over a week, so I apologize in advance for not being able to post until I return.

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Exciting news though...when I was in NYC my friend and I made it on to TRL, which was exciting for me! Not only that, I got randomly chosen to talk to the hosts of the day Aly and AJ about the Hills, so I definitely had some camera time.

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Aly & AJ hosting TRL the day I was on

I do have it taped on my DVR. Will I post it here? No. I think its more fun to keep some anonymity when writing a blog. It's like how you're always a little disappointed when you finally see a picture of a local radio personality, cause you always pictured them differently in your mind. I'd rather leave it to your imagination. But if you happened to catch TRL on Monday, I was that girl saying Whitney was my fave character on the Hills!

Anywho, be back next month!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Who did it Better?: Umbrella

A new version of Rihanna's song Umbrella has been brought to my attention. I was watching the season premiere of MTV show the Hills and I heard a wonderful acoustic version. At first I thought that it might be Mandy Moore singing, but have since discovered that it is in fact Marie Digby. Her version of the song is available on iTunes and below she performs it "live".


So who did it better?! I personally enjoy both.

P.S. This Digby person is one of those girls who is so naturally pretty it's annoying! girls at least.

P.P.S. Ever since Rihanna came out with this song I have been misspelling "umbrella" as "umbErella". Luckily I have been catching the mistake before I publish...hopefully. Damn her pronunciation of an imaginary syllable!!

Who Did it Better?: Dancing Inmates

I am sure everyone has seen the CPDRC inmates dancing to Thriller by now. It's kind of old news, but did you realize how many more videos of them there actually are?! The prison is the Cebu Provincial Dentention and Rehabilitation Center and the coreography is done by a Mr. Byron F. Garcia who said:

Using music, you can involve the body and the mind. Inmates say to me: 'You've put my mind off revenge, foolishness or thinking how to escape'.
Good for you Mr. Garcia. We certainly enjoy your efforts!
Read more here.

So here are a few of the videos of the inmates, coupled with the original video from the artists.

I dedicate these to people like Mr. Garcia who are being creative with the prison is definitely needed.

Thriller - Michael Jackson
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Radio Ga Ga - Queen
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I Will Follow Him - Sister Act (the movie)
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This is one of my personal favorites. Does anyone else find it ironic that inmates are performing it?

You can find more inmate videos on Youtube including Hail Holy Queen, Algorithm March, Dayang Dayang, and more!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

She Get it or Got it from her Mama?

First, I must apologize for my absence lately. I have become very busy with extra stuff at work plus the winding down of the school session. I doubt anyone even noticed down to business....

Mr. Will.I.Am of the Black Eyes Peas is coming out with a solo album (drops Setember 25th) and has released his first single off of it "I Got it from my Mama".

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The basic message of the song is something that we have all heard before: if you want to know how a girl is going to turn out when she is older then look at her mother. If her mom is hot, the girl will be hot, if her mom is ugly, the girl will be as well, and so on. I am lucky enough to have a beautiful mother so this "rule" does not particularly bother me. It is unfortunate for those girls whose mother's aren't ...."looking their best", I'll say.

When I first heard this song it immediately reminded me of a song that I love by Juvenile titled "Mama Got A** (She Get if from her Mama)". It's not exactly the same message as that of Will.I.Am, but very similar. Personally I like the Juvenile song better.

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In terms of the actual videos...I don't really like either, but that is because I really don't enjoy any video that includes women half dressed and dancing seductively. If I heard Will.I.Am's on the radio, I would probably get bored and change the station....or I would be reminded of how much I like Juvenile's "version" and put that on. I'm a little dissapointed with this first single of Will's. I hope he comes out with better.

I dedicate both of these to girls who may not have the best looking "mamas"...prove these guys wrong.

I Got it from My Mama - Will.I.Am

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Mama Got A** (She Get it from her Mama) - Juvenile

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